Best bed in box mattress for couples

It is a fact that an individual spends one-third of his/her lifetime in the bed. You should invest in your mattress wisely. A mattress is not like other households and electronics stuff, which we keep buying at regular intervals. It is one of the expensive things in your house. A perfect mattress is one that is comfortable and supportive.

Best bed in a box mattress for couples

Statistics reveal that about 132 million adults are married in America, and over 18 million unmarried people live with their partners. Finding the right mattress for yourself and your partner is crucial. When you buy a mattress that you want to share with someone, there are challenges you face. Every individual has different preferences. For example, your partner may sleep in a different position, or he/she has another body type and weight. Your partner may prefer a different firmness level. To overcome these challenges, you have to make a choice right. For best box mattress check simplyrest.

Bed in box mattresses are quite popular these days. The concept of buying a mattress online is no more a dream. The effort, time, and money you save after online buying of bed in a box is the reason behind this industry’s success. More than 200 online retail stores are currently selling mattresses, and the number is increasing day by day.

Manufacturers are trying their best to satisfy the consumers. An innovative bed in a box mattress comes with three layers of memory containing a thick foam base. Its surface falls under the medium firmness category with a firmness level of 6 out of 10. Medium firmness is ideal for all types of sleepers and body types. The motion isolation feature of this bed in a box mattress makes it perfect for couples. Motion isolation eliminates motion transfer from one part of the mattress to another. You may wake up early than your partner, so motion isolation will not disturb your partner. Couples usually prefer a mattress with motion isolation and a mattress that is favorable during sexual activity. Couples also prefer a mattress that is silent because a mattress that makes noise normally becomes noisier while having sex, so it is the biggest drawback of a mattress.

New bed in box mattresses offer Aircell foam. Microscopic air pockets produce AirCell. These pockets make foam perfect for the individuals. It suits every type of body and weight. These pockets also help in temperature regulation and thus keeps a mattress cool. One of the best qualities of this bed in a box mattress is its motion isolation and support. It makes movement easy, and thus, you can enjoy a disruptive free sleep. This bed in a box mattress is available on soft, medium, and firm surface. Just a click and congratulations , you and your partner are ready to enjoy your sleep. Another good thing is its sleep trial. It comes with 120 days long sleep trial, so do not worry about buying a mattress without trying.